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If you are searching for the perfect PopArt picture for yourself or for an individual gift, I am pleased to offer you my PopArt services!

As a freelance artist, I am particularly motivated to get you closer to art on a very individual basis.

About me:

After my studies at the national academy of arts in Duesseldorf, I was first active as an art teacher at different High Schools until I decided in 1995 to work exclusively as a freelance artist. A large field of my artistic activity is the painting.

In my pictures I do renounce of perspectively arranged areas and create a dream-like world, interspersed from goblin-like figures, dominated by intensively glowing coulors.

But take a look on my website: www.verenasticherling.de

Another important art subject for me is digital photography. I am fascinated by unusual architecture, structures, shop window dolls, colour combinations and many other things.

As an artist, I feel particularly challenged to create new reality levels through my artistically work.

You will find on my website www.foto.verenasticherling.de
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Your order will be always a great challenge for me. My goal is it to meet your desires and requirements!

Thank you for visiting my website and I would be very pleased being part of an imminent co-operation with you!